Friday, March 9, 2012

get thumbnail image from youtube,url,embed code (both type of embed code old and new iframe)

want to get the image from youtube embed code (new and old) and from youtube video url this function will help you ,

 function video_image($youtube_code)
    // get the video code if this is an embed code    (old embed)
    preg_match('/youtube\.com\/v\/([\w\-]+)/', $youtube_code, $match);

    // if old embed returned an empty ID, try capuring the ID from the new iframe embed
    if($match[1] == '')
        preg_match('/youtube\.com\/embed\/([\w\-]+)/', $youtube_code, $match);

    // if it is not an embed code, get the video code from the youtube URL    
    if($match[1] == '')
        preg_match('/v\=(.+)&/',$youtube_code ,$match);
     if($match[1] == '')
        preg_match('/v\=(.+)/',$youtube_code ,$match);
    // get the corresponding thumbnail images    
    $full_size_thumbnail_image['small'] = "".$match[1]."/0.jpg";
    $full_size_thumbnail_image['large'] = "".$match[1]."/1.jpg";
    $full_size_thumbnail_image['medium'] = "".$match[1]."/2.jpg";
    $full_size_thumbnail_image['smallmedium'] = "".$match[1]."/3.jpg";

    // return whichever thumbnail image you would like to retrieve
    return $full_size_thumbnail_image;        

print_r(video_image('youtube embed code, url wil come here'));


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